Colour and Voice used to be two strangers. Now due to the disaster, they are reunited with each other and become inseparable friends. Then, Its brought a beautiful new chapter to the dark world. “The perceived object has priority over the conceived object”. — Francis Dhomont
Artistic Psychotherapy for Immersive Color Motion. In a quiet room, Listen to this fluid lifeline with the most devout soul. Imagine yourself in a world full of colours. You will play the guardian of colours and defend this colourful of living and a beautiful and peaceful world. It will bring you positive mental strength and mindfulness. Please close your eyes and take a deep breath, let this colourful lifeline flow into your body, nourish your nervous system and brain ... Visual language elements of different colours, shapes, and lines to describe the interaction between individual differences in a human lifeline in the past and present world and the time wheel of the universe. For people with mental disorders. The colour wheel and electro-acoustic music to integrate meditation music, in order to alleviate the positive healing effect on their mental health and illness. It will also awaken the souls of these mental disorders, use the positive aspects of it to bring unlimited creativity and imagination to the creative cultural industry and the music field, and find the value of self.
The unfinished "image" itself is a virtual universe. They are manipulated by humans behind the scenes to turn them into entities and display them to the public. Then all kinds of negative, boring, and negative media public opinion are formed to affect various people and corners of the world. It can be seen that God created a beautiful Garden of Eden to make human beings happier. But part of the soul sleeper behind him lost himself. So using an invisible imaging and visual language, a virtual, abstract interpretation of a farce to win the favour, expressing his radical and indignation towards the world, and even revenge on society. On the negative side, the beautiful and bright Garden of Eden has become DARK EDEN. This is driven by the weakness of human nature. The soul is an invisible, subconscious body signal switch. The antidote to healing them is themselves. As an old say: the environment depends on what you think in your mind. I metaphorize "environment" here as "media public opinion environment".These need to awaken those sleeping souls in a positive and reasonable way, and then DARK EDEN will gradually disappear. In the end, this "People-oriented" imaging farce ended with the help of God. Audio-visual by IPHONE X